Custom Homes

We Know Custom Homes.  And, when we say custom home we mean a truly custom home.  We don’t mean “pick from one of our floor plans, make a few small changes, pick your paint color and we’ll call it a custom home”.  When we say Custom Home we mean “let’s sit down and start from scratch”.

It’s Your Dream

We will work with you to make the dream in your head (or in a lot of cases, sketched out on a napkin) a reality!  We will start by working with you and our in-house design team to come up with a truly custom plan.  Once we have a plan we’ll sit with you and detail every aspect of your new home so that it is exactly what you want!  We will walk you through the entire process, from the initial conceptual design to the installation of the very last piece of trim, and all you have to do is enjoy watching your dream come to life!

If you have already worked with a designer and have a custom plan we can pick right up at turning those plans into your dream home!

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

Whether it is your first “starter” home, an executive estate home, lakefront recreational property or your retirement dream, we can handle it!  At Jorgenson Homes you don’t deal with sales people or project managers looking after 20 different houses.  You deal with the person who will be focused on building your home for you.  It’s not just another project, it’s your Home.